Waterproofing & Insulation

How we keep you dry, warm and comfortable

Like the fabrics we’ve developed to perform in the most extreme conditions, so do our waterproofing technologies and insulation. Every need has a solution, and we’ve got them!

This waterproof and breathable system protects three ways and is three times more breathable! You’ll find HydroCore® in many of our high-performance garments for hunters who demand the ultimate in outerwear performance.


TechPlus® is the time-tested waterproof/breathable laminate with precisely sized pores that allow small vapor molecules to escape while keeping larger water molecules from penetrating. TechPlus® is ideal for the most demanding foul-weather conditions.


Tube-like poly filaments maximize loft and heat retention. The tubes trap body heat to maximize your time outdoors, even in severe cold.

Thinsulate™ FLEX

You’ll find Thinsulate™ FLEX in garments where stretch and recovery are important, such as headwear and handwear.