Camo Patterns

Mossy Oak & Realtree plus Gamehide Originals

No matter where you hunt or what you hunt for, Gamehide has a camo pattern designed to do the job. With the latest and greatest patterns from both Realtree® and Mossy Oak®, plus some other specialty patterns, you’ll get the pattern that you need to disappear.

Realtree® Edge™

With a strong trend of patterns developed in a digital world that claim disruption of the human form is more important than blending into your hunting environment, only Realtree® brings you a pattern that does both. Realistic elements that match your hunting surroundings arranged in a way that completely erases the human form. Realtree® EdgeEDGE™. HUNT WITH AN EDGE.

Realtree® Xtra™

Realtree® Xtra™ is designed to conceal and blend regardless if you hunt hardwoods, pine thickets, flooded timber, croplands or even rocky terrain. Realtree® Xtra™ will keep you concealed in your treestand or stalking in the field. Realtree® Xtra™ features improved high-lights and contrast with a lighter, more universal color palette. With its depth, realism, true-to-life color and contrast, Realtree® Xtra™ delivers again and again! Realtree® Xtra™ works regardless of terrain or time of day.

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass® Blades™

Shadow Grass Blades features a precise arrangement of individual blades of grass, whether windblown, broken or bent, onto a background of thatch consisting of lesser or dead grass. This creates the perfect pure grass pattern. Carefully placed shadows from the main grass arranged atop the thatch, which incorporates light to dark spots as seen in nature, creates depth that gives Shadow Grass Blades a realistic 3D appearance and superior ability to break up a hunter’s outline.

Mossy Oak® New Bottomland™

Bottomland is the pattern that launched Mossy Oak more than 30 years ago. Driven by the desire to get closer to turkeys in his home state of Mississippi, Toxey Haas turned a handful of bark, sticks and leaves into an extremely lifelike hunting pattern. It features a legendary outline-breaking ability that helps hunters blend into dark hardwoods, flooded timber and treestand environments. Add new printing technology and softer edges, New Bottomland adds even more to this classic pattern.

Naked North® Snow

Designed for late-season hunting, Naked North® Snow combines snow-covered limbs with gray/brown brush for unequaled concealment in snow covered terrain.

Naked North® Blaze Pink Camo

Gamehide, the leader in blaze camo patterns helped develop the standards for blaze pink. We knew it needed to add safety, not just a color lady hunters would like. Applying our decades of blaze orange knowledge, we merged it with our popular Naked North camo pattern to create a highly effective, highly visible pink blaze camouflage. Now legal as a blaze color requirement in many states, lady hunters now have a great looking alternative. Please check your state regulations for rulings.

Naked North® Blaze Camo

Designed for hunters who want both safety and realistic camo cover, Naked North® Blaze conceals you from game without concealing you from other hunters. Naked North® Blaze has all the character and depth of other Naked North® patterns with the required safety standards built into the pattern.

Naked North®

Designed for hunters who hunt in the North! It’s made up of the aspen, pine, birch, oak and various types of brush common to so many of the northern sections in the country. And, there are no leaves – thus, the name “Naked.” The pattern has no added black, so it won’t look too dark if you are not in a shadow. Naked North® was designed using DepthTech™, a state-of-the-art depth-enhancing technique that allows the pattern to maintain its dimensional depth long after other patterns have flattened out.

Shape Shift®

Shape Shift® is nature's digital camo. It uses true-to-nature colors, tones and shading and an exclusive DepthTech technique to create a hybrid pattern that's difficult to discern and effective in virtually any environment. It's using nature against itself and there is nothing else like it!