About Us

Over 25 Years Of Hunting Clothing Design & Development

At Gamehide, our philosophy is pretty simple. Design the best products, with the best fabrics and features to help you be more successful in the field. While doing this, we strive to keep our pricing moderate to give you the best value in the hunting clothing industry.

Gamehide Introduction

Gamehide begins making hunting clothing for hunters across the country. The original lineup had a grand total of 25 styles.

Reversible Garments and WoodLot Camo

Most hunters hunt more than one species. And, most hunters hunt more than one season. Gamehide’s Reversible Series garments give you more than one look. They do double duty! Available in a variety of smart options. Reversibles essentially give you two garments in one. That’s versatility! That’s value!

That same year, a propriety camo pattern, WoodLot, was introduced into the market.

Revolutionary Fabrics Brought To market

Gamehide introduced two of the most popular hunting fabrics in the market - Hush Hide® and StormHide®. Both of which have stood the test of time and are still around today.

Hush Hide® is perhaps the best-known hunting specific fabric on the market today. It’s soft, silent,
lightweight, and, unlike the copycat fabrics, it’s 100%
cotton-FREE which means it won’t shrink or fade!

StormHide® garments are built for waterfowlers and other outdoorsmen who demand rugged, gear that can stand up to the elements. This heavy-duty, yet supple fabric is 100% cotton-FREE so it won’t fade.

Mossy Oak Licensee

Mossy Oak is a pioneer in the camoflauge industry. Gamehide became an official licensee of Mossy Oak and has been producing their patterns on our garments every year since.

ScentLok Licensee And Youth

Scent-Lok is the "original" scent-eliminiating material for hunters. It uses activated charcoal- fused to a liner - to "adsorb" human scent. For decades, Scent-Lok has continually refined the technology. And at every step along the way, hunters across the country have trusted Scent-Lok to get close and go undetected.

That same year youth garments were introduced into our lineup. What started with 2 styles has now increased to 15.

Naked North Camo & Women Clothing

A new proprietary camo pattern, Naked North, was launched. Offered in unique patterns of snow camo, blaze orange camo and blaze pink camo.

Expanding on our offerings is the Women collection. Offered in the same high performance fabrics as the Men's clothing, only cut and designed for a woman.

Freedom sleeve

Continuing on a track of improvements and innovations to hunting clothing, the Freedom Sleeve was designed. This feature has the sleeve on a garment designed with the "arms up" position. This inverse sleeve technology allows you to raise your arms without restrictions.

Realtree Camo Licensee

In an effort to provide our customers more camo options, we partnered with Realtree as a licensee. Their patterns have been used across all categories since.

Gamehide Legacy Progam with Pheasants Forever

We want to make more than a token donation, we want to make a real difference! At Gamehide, we work with conservation organizations to develop quality products and creative programs that result in substantial funds for wildlife.

Mathews Lineup and Lost Camo

State of the art hunting wear designed in the spirit of Mathews; innovative, cutting edge, high-performance, premium, no corners cut. The ultimate hunting wear to go with the ultimate hunting bow.

Exclusive Lost Camo - Lost Camo was developed by Mathews Founder, Matt McPherson. It has a distinctive horizontal look that is designed to get lost in the trees above yet is equally effective in the western draws, fence lines and coulees.

Elimitick - Tick Repellent Clothing

Ticks, especially deer ticks, are increasing in range and are known to carry Lyme disease and other diseases. The incidence of Lyme disease is growing rapidly. The
best way to avoid it is to not get bit by a tick. For hunters and others who spend time outdoors, a great way to avoid getting bit is to wear ElimiTick® clothing by Gamehide®.


Deer Camp

Deer Camp. It’s where we go to be with family and friends and to do what we love. It’s where young men and women become adults. It’s where we learn about life, the outdoors and that food doesn’t come from a grocery store. It’s where we match wits with the most hunted big game in the world. It’s where we experience disappointment and elation, buck fever and camaraderie. It’s where we build traditions!

Gamehide proudly presents the latest Deer Camp Series. For everyone who loves Deer Camp.

Hecs Clothing Licensee

HECS blocks your electrical energy field, stopping this energy signal recognition. It does so with a carbon fiber grid that is built into the camo fabric. Based on the Faraday Cage principle, it works much like the grid in the door of your microwave oven. The small mesh in the microwave door is properly sized to block microwaves for your safety
just like the somewhat larger grid in a HECS garment is designed to block human electrical energy waves.

Gamekeepers Field Wear

Mossy Oak Gamekeepers represent a culture who share the same underlying belief that being outdoors is just as much about hunting as it is loving the land, its wildlife, and giving back more than you take.

Mossy Oak’s roots in conservation were in place well before the birth of the brand through the local wild turkey and whitetail restoration efforts of Toxey’s father Fox Haas. The wisdom of his long term approach to life and wildlife is and will always be the most essential part of the lifestyle that Mossy Oak represents.

Inspired by the wisdom of Mr. Fox and others like him, Gamekeepers provides sportsmen a unifying identity that aligns with the core values of wildlife and land conservation. For over a decade Mossy Oak GameKeepers has been empowering conservationists through the delivery of proven wildlife, land and freshwater fisheries management information, development of innovative wildlife management products and relevant branded merchandise.

Remington Field Wear

The gear you’ll find is the accumulation of nearly 30 years of technical garment manufacturing and a lifetime of field experience. From the frost covered prairie, to a snow covered whitetail woods, to the swish of a duck boat gliding through cattails, we’ve been there. Lovin’ every minute while soaking in the knowledge to help us build the best hunting wear at an affordable, fair, and honest price.

The Remington brand has stood the test of time and it’s over 200 year history has made a place in the hearts of millions of outdoorsmen and women. We’re thrilled to bring this iconic brand back into the field wear category!


Fast forward to today and we now offer over 250 styles.

A lot has changed within the hunting apparel industry in the last 28 years. What hasn't changed is our commitment to bringing you quality garments at an affordable price.