Technology & Treatments

To design a garment is quite the task. We design our hunting clothing with new technologies and treatments that make you more successful in the field- some even keep you safer. 

Our first line of defense against Mother Nature, Outcast™ water-beading treatments are applied to the outer layer of fabric. This causes moisture to “bead-up” and run off your garment instead of soaking in.


Inner protection from the elements comes in the form of an Impervia coating. Treating the garments interior with Impervia provides a layer of wind proofing and water resistance.


HyperHide® fabrics are made from high-performance, two-layer “bonded” fleece. It’s perfect for the hunt that requires a close-range shot to get the game!

Freedom Sleeve®

Freedom Sleeve® is the revolutionary sleeve innovation from Gamehide® that eliminates the restrictive pulling, binding and tugging you get with a traditional sleeve.


Vanquish™ is a high-performance scent-eliminating anti-microbial that stops the stink before it starts. It works by killing bacteria on contact. The treatment is proven, long-lasting, totally safe and dramatically reduces the chances of wary game smelling you.


Ticks used to be an annoyance. Now they’ve become a potential danger! Ticks can carry
Lyme disease and other diseases. Gamehide’s revolutionary ElimiTick® garments
are treated with Insect Shield®, a repellent that is bonded to the fibers of the fabric. It’s
invisible and will last for the expected life of the garment. As a bonus, it repels other insects as well, including chiggers and mosquitoes. Help protect yourself against ticks that can carry Lyme disease. Wear ElimiTick®!