Why Gamehide?

Hunting wear is all we do!

And it’s been that way for the 30-plus years in the hunting clothing business.

How can you really know what hunters need in their hunting clothing if you don’t hunt?

Can you really know how a garment performs in extreme conditions if you don’t wear it in extreme conditions?

An example: Too many fabrics get stiff, brittle, and noisy when it gets really cold. We’re constantly amazed by the number of companies using these fabrics. When that big buck walks by on a cold, crisp, and quiet morning with temps on either side of 0° F, that’s when you find out if your hunting clothing is truly made by hunters. If you’re wearing Gamehide, you can be assured your hunting clothing won’t give you away as you draw your bow or raise your gun!

And another one: Many competitors may design their clothing for hunting but fail to make them truly waterproof. In an effort to save cost, they may not fully tape seams, or they may use an inferior membrane. You won’t know for sure until you get caught in a squall, with horizontal rain and dropping temperatures. If you’re lucky, you could be close to home, or you could be far from civilization where the performance of your hunting clothing could mean literally life or death, or at least comfort or misery. Once again, you really won’t know until it’s too late. In the end, Gamehide products prove themselves every day. They are designed by hunters who really hunt. Not clothing designers who really don’t!


What separates Gamehide from all the rest? Plenty!

Besides the fact that hunting clothing is all we do, there are a lot of things you may not notice until you’re in the field. 

Here are 10.

  1. Full line. Gamehide makes a full line of hunting clothing – everything from waterfowl to upland and warm weather to cold. And a complete line of accessories as well. Not many others can deliver that!
  2. Full-size range. From youth small to adult 4XL, Gamehide makes (and fits) them all!
  3. State-of-the-art-fabrics. Nobody offers more specialized, made-for-hunting, high-performance fabrics than Gamehide! They’re quiet and tough.
  4. Innovative features. Performance in hunting wear can be defined by the hunter’s experience. At Gamehide, we offer innovative features like the Freedom Sleeve, Smack Pads, Insect Shield, and AirFlow vents that turn ordinary hunting garments into extraordinary hunting garments.
  5. No sizing up. When you buy a Gamehide product, there’s no need to size up. We don’t believe in cutting corners, and we won’t do it on sizing, either.
  6. More blaze orange. Nobody makes more blaze orange garments than Gamehide. If you’re a big game hunter, Gamehide’s got you covered better than anyone else!
  7. Premium buttons, snaps, and zippers. Nothing can ruin an otherwise good garment faster than mediocre buttons, snaps, or zippers. All the components of a Gamehide garment are top-of-the-line, premium quality.
  8. 9 to 11 stitches per inch. Gamehide garments stand up to hunter abuse because we double stitch most seams at 9 to 11 stitches per inch. Our competitors routinely single stitch and use only 7 to 9 stitches per inch.
  9. Three-piece hoods. Another example of Gamehide’s attention to detail is the hoods on our premium products. Rather than subject you to a two-piece “tent” hood, we go the extra mile and make a three-piece hood that really fits.
  10. All the latest camo patterns. Realtree, Mossy Oak, and more!

2022-2023 Gamehide Corporate Wear Catalog

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